Office Cleaning

At CF Home and Office Cleaning we have different types of domestic cleaning services:


With the introduction of professional cleaning services
to the commercial and industrial market, we can now expand and grow according to our vision and growth plan.

Commercial and Industrial cleaning services provided daily, weekly, monthly or as often as required.
Commercial and Industrial once-off cleaning or Ad hoc services, are based on a call-out and quotation process. These services include aspects such as supplying labour for morning, day & night shifts, supplying all related chemicals, supplying all brushware & equipment, supplying dispensers & consumables, supplying flowers, hygiene services, carpet cleaning services, tea and kitchen services, attending to outdoor areas and any specific requirements requested.

Our specialist service teams are trained and educated in the various cleaning methods required. Ongoing training is a very important part of our franchises and our company vision.

Office Cleaning Service Assessments

Knowing the exact cleaning requirements of each client per site or building is crucial for a stable and hassle-free long term relationship. We pursue the following approach:

  1. Meet with the potential client on site and introduce CF Home and Office Cleaning Services.
  2. Determine the detail requirements from the client by:

a. Dividing the site into Zones (Departments / Buildings / Blocks).

b. Dividing the Zones into 4 types of Areas:

  • Offices / Rooms / Passages
  • Washrooms / Toilet Facilities
  • Kitchens
  • Outdoor Areas (pavements, garages,etc.)

c. Determine the relevant tasks per Area per Zone.

d. Determine the frequency of cleaning tasks required.

e. Determine the working shifts.

3.From the information gathered above, a detailed proposal will be finalised and discussed with the client.

4. After the quote is accepted, an agreement of 1-3 years will be signed.